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20 Minute Body


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Are you in search of a time-efficient workout program that will enable you to burn excessive fat and remain fit at minimal cost? This workout program is recommended for you.


Are you in search of a time-efficient workout program that will enable you to burn excessive fat and remain fit at minimal cost? This workout program is recommended for you.

Many people these days are struggling to keep their bodies to shape. Some even end up draining their hard-earned money buying equipment and also machines that might prove to be of no help afterward.

This review highlights that, with the help of our celebrity fitness trainer, Brett Hoebel, one can achieve their dream body shape that may have to seem impossible to acquire by exercising only 20 minutes a day.

With the foods present in the world market today, there is a lot of risk of people gaining too much weight and end up becoming obese. Even young children these days have gained a lot of weight and they are struggling to lose that extra fat and become fit.

People these days have to watch what they eat and this might limit those food lovers. With the help of this great write-up, one can enjoy such foods and also keep their body in shape.

We are handed another chance of taking control of what matters a lot, which is health by blasting away fats in our bodies. Reviews made have it that to get a dependable fat losing program nowadays is hectic.

I guess this is music to many people that need to cut off some weight and I have no reason as to why they should not give this program a try.

What is 20 Minute Body by Brett Hoebel?

This is a popular health fitness program that allows you to burn excess fat by doing exercises a day, approximately 20 minutes, and enables you to get your desired body shape. With the help of available videos, one is fully covered by this program.

Many myths about the appropriate ways of losing weight are circulating nowadays. But the fact remains that for one to get rid of more fat and at the same time gain some muscle is by doing short-duration exercises.

Out of the 24 hours that a day has, sparing about 20 minutes to keep fit is very convenient even for people with busy schedules. This work out program allows you to gain a lean muscle that keeps your metabolism alive to burn fat.

The more the lean muscles present, the more calories your body burns even at rest.

About the author, Brett Hoebel

With him being a holder of a Bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience, Brett Hoebel is a celebrity fitness trainer who is certified and conducts many fitness workouts including yoga.

He is an American trainer who got famous for appearing as a trainer on the U.S. based reality show, The Biggest Loser in 2011.

During his teenage days, he was once a member of the gymnastics and football team. Despite this fact, he was 50 pounds overweight as he used to consume junk food after practice. He was so big that he was even nicknamed ‘the fat kid.’

He then decided to focus on exercising and was able to lose the weight that had kept him hostage for a long time. He then opted to provide help to others with the same issue by coming up with this great e-book.

With all these experiences, his work is considered legit, dependable proving that this is not a scam.

How does the product by Brett Hoebel work?

With short and very effective workouts, this fitness program allows your body to burn fat through a series of exercises of around 20 minutes a day.

This particular workout e-book contains 3 programs with each going for about 21 days that have workouts which are 20 minutes long. It also consists of a 5-minute warm-up before and a 5-minute cool down after.

This awesome 20-minute workout contains the following:

20-minute body high intensive body workout program

There are 3 programs, each 20 minutes long that provide workout exercises that enable one blast as much fat as possible within a short time.

A transformation companion

Here the programs are now broken down into practical smaller units that keep us on track and also set the pace for us.

A nutrition guide

We also need to watch the foods we eat during this period. Here we are provided with recipes for healthy and also easy to prepare foods.

Bonus video workout DVDs

Video demonstrations are also present in this guide. Here you might also find workouts that will help you with some key areas such as abs and booty.

Bonuses contained in the 20 Minute Body

Bonus #1: There are special booty workout videos included in this program. This enables one to improve their shape by shooting out their booty.

Bonus #2: One will also be provided by an e-book that is known as the will power. The will power will be of aid in your sprinting exercises.

Bonus #3: A nutrition guide is also given as it will help you in watching what you eat to keep you healthy. Recipes on these meals are also included in the guide.

At what price does this product cost you?

With a very high rating, this awesome program goes for only $15.07. Considering the amount of money it saves you during the process, this offer is way much cheaper for one to decline to buy it.

This is because it avoids you going to the gym or acquiring expensive machines such as treadmills for the process. It is strictly based on exercises.

A downloadable pdf is also available. It is also present in leading trading sites such as Amazon.

Bottom line

Everyone deserves to have a perfect body shape and also remain healthy. People who are said to be obese also have the chance to show the world that they too can have the perfect body shape. He has been in the front line to see this happening.

With determination and hard work put together, this program will be of success to many and they will achieve the best results.


  • It is time effective as it only goes for 20 minutes a day, a duration that can even be squeezed in busy schedules.
  • It is cost-effective as it only costs $15.07 considering it does not require one to access the gym.
  • It is easily understandable as it is broken down into smaller units that we use as guides and also pacesetters for our workouts.
  • It comes along with a helpful nutrition guide that advice on the foods to eat and also provide us with recipes on how to prepare them.
  • DVDs with video illustrations are also present as they also try to facilitate what is written and gives a clear visual illustration of what is expected.


  • These workouts may not work for some people as we are not all the same. Such scenarios make one think that it was a waste of time leading to frustrations.